Who is the Estate Lady?

The Estate Lady is a fitting name for my company.  I am the company — a mixture of compassionate advocate, honest rescuer, detailed organizer, wise advisor, certified expert in personal property worth, and observer of human behavior.

I’ve always treasured older adults!  Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed many situations when seniors are blatently taken advantage of, when it comes to both their money and their personal belongings.  That’s why I paired my love of appraising personal property with dismantling households and channeling accumulated life treasures into the most appropriate way to benefit their owners.

It doesn’t take seniors or their children long to discover that I know what I am doing.  My hallmark is trustworthy counsel and behavior in appraising and handling their personal property.  My clients — professionals representing seniors such as attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, and bank trust officers, children of older adults, or seniors themselves — discover that my name and my company have built a reputation of honesty and compassion in providing comprehensive personal property services.  My point of difference in this industry is that I do a total turnkey in personal property appraisal and liquidation, wiht a host of certifications that reinforce a strict code of ethics and knowledge in all my dealings.

My work is physically exhausting and sometimes sad or dangerous when liquidating and conducting estate sales.   It is detailed and precise in appraisal reporting.  But, it is always filled with passion and a sense of purpose in helping older adults.  I see the most remarkable human behavior, and often the worst behavior, in my line of work!

© 2009 Julie Hall

One thought on “Who is the Estate Lady?

  1. Hi, Several months ago, while shopping with my daughter, I purchased your book at Sam’s Club. I’ve discussed most of these issues with my two daughters, and recently faced the challenges mentioned when my 92-year-old mother passed away.

    That even has set me on my course with even greater determination, and I’ve been referring to your book as I go along. The content is great, and I will pass it along to my girls as soon as my “planning” is completed.

    I only have ONE complaint . . . the loose-leaf format isn’t!!! The pages don’t turn freely which makes using the book inconvenient.

    Suggestion: I plan to adapt some of your forms on my computer to make entering and editing my data a lot easier. If you haven’t already thought of providing that service along with a looser-leafed guidebook, maybe you could!

    Thanks for your help . . . and motivation!


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