Announcing my newest book!

How to Divide Your Family’s Estate and Heirlooms Peacefully & Sensibly is the only book that walks you through the relational minefield that happens when children/heirs have to divide the personal belongings of their parents.

This is a must-have resource packed with practical expertise and a fair, equitable process for dividing personal property within a family estate.  From how to minimize fighting and manage the emotional roller coaster that comes with a loved one’s loss, to understanding legal responsibilities and suggestions for executors, this guide offers solutions based on decades of experience in working with families and estates coast to coast.

This guide is a must-read for every family challenged with dividing an estate and not wanting the family to divide in the process.  This guide includes practical problems and solutions, such as:

  • When more than one heir wants the same thing 
  • What to do when the heirs are a long distance from the estate
  • When some of the personal property is missing and not available to divide equally
  • When extended family gets in the way
  • When you find a treasure and no one else knows you found it
  • When neighbors or friends expect to get something from the estate

Those of you who have read my first and second books, or read this blog for very long, know that I want to educate you.  That’s my goal!  There is a lack of information out there that frankly handles the problems and challenges of dividing the estate contents equitably and without fighting.  I want to create helpful and very practical guides that cut through to the essentials, and give you all the tools to educate yourself and then do the task effectively.

My new book is available now on  Here’s the link and it’s also available on the right side bar of my blog: Watch my blog for a sneak peek of the book next week!

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