Revised Edition is Here!

Revised Edition

A year ago, I wrote a companion guide for my best-selling book, The Boomer Burden.  It was titled “A Boomer’s Guide for to Cleaning Out Your Parent’s Estate in 30 Days or Less.”  Last fall, I began to review the material and realized that I could make a good book … EVEN BETTER.

Be the first to read and benefit from … How To Clean Out Your Parents’ Estate in 30 Days or Less.  The original contents are almost entirely unchanged, but I have added more information, more advice, and more assistance to my readers.

In the revised edition, I have added more content on the actual cleaning out process.  How do you prepare for those tiring days of cleaning out?  What must be done first?  How do you handle all the photos and papers that you will uncover in the home? 

Like any inportant project that you undertake, you need to have two very important things ready: SUPPLIES and STRATEGY.  We discuss both.

Together, we do the Cleaning Out of the house one room at a time, beginning with the attic, and ending with the last box packed and the last bag dragged to the dumpster.  I give you everything you need to know to clean each area of the home, just as if I was with you on this project.

If you expect to deal with your parents’ home soon, or you know someone who is anticipating this difficult challenge, please read my book!  Cleaning Out your parents’s home can be done in 30 days or less with the right plan and preparation, and I want to help you accomplish this.

Simply click on the book title at the right under “Books By Julie” to link directly with Amazon. com and order yourself a copy.  Better yet, get a copy for each of your siblings.  It’s best to be prepared before the crisis hits, when grief and stress overcome the family.

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2 thoughts on “Revised Edition is Here!

  1. Hello,
    My Father has decided to gift his mortgage free home to me. I have two other siblings. My brother seems to think he is deserving of a payout of the same exact appraised value in cash over several years plus the estate would be adjusted for the house too. I tried to explain to him that there are diff ways it is done. One of them being that the appraised value of home is divided by 1/3ea. The estate/trust will be adjusted for the home I inherited and my siblings will get their 2/3 and split my 1/3 of the home appraised value but only upon passing of my father. My father prefers this way as opposed to cash paid out as its too straining on his finances right now. Who is correct here? The house is in So California/Orange County. Its also covered by prop 13. I am so trying to be fair. My father is feeling obligated and pressured with my brothers request to make everyone happy now. I want to go to the estate atty and discuss all pro and cons of this situation. my brother seems to think im putting one over on him or something and this is not the case.
    Please advise!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write about your quandary. This is a difficult challenge, and I think someone needs to contact an estate planning attorney to assist so that the remainder of the family can remain intact.

      Can your dad hire the attorney? If you hire, I feel the sibling will suspect something is amiss, whereas if dad does it, it is dad’s decision and not sister’s.

      Regretfully, I cannot offer any legal advice because I am not an expert in the law, but certainly suggest someone find out how this can be done to include all involved to make it as amicable as possible, and to do so with dad as the decision maker. It is always a concern when a parent says something to one child. He must say to all, so all are on the same page at the same time and don’t get the wrong idea. Parents are often afraid to hurt feelings, and I don’t know if this is the case, but it is certainly a
      decision that has the power to severely damage future relationships and should be avoided by enlisting the help of a legal professional.

      I wish you well and hope it all works out.

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