We’re Celebrating Today!!!

Today, you are reading my 100th blog!

100 messages of help and hope!

100 times The Estate Lady has tackled topics of timely thought!

Today, I celebrate all of you who “get it”!

To all of you who “get it”, I thank YOU!  Not just because you make my job easier, but because you will go forward, share what you have learned from my blog and thoughts, my books and random opinions, and you will teach others how to finally “get it.”  Eventually, the truth always sinks in.  For some it takes a very long time.  For others, it never happens and they will sadly perish before putting a little forethought into planning for loved ones when they are infirm or gone.  Still, there are others who get it from the word “go” and realize that planning takes away a great worry, maps out a plan and offers guidance to those left behind to pick up the pieces.  It’s about loving someone enough to do what is right, what is good, and what makes for old-fashioned common sense.

Gone are the days when you can scribble a will out on a piece of college-ruled paper.  Its validity will be challenged along with your scruples.  We live in a complex time: politically, socially, legally, etc.  Don’t get me started!  Our elderly loved ones lived during a time when life was less complex, though none the less challenging.  They too had many hardships in their lives.  Just because they are the silent generation doesn’t mean you have to be.

Have that courageous conversation!  Ask them the difficult questions and expect answers.  Ask what they want for their future, what their final wishes are, ask more about your family history.  Just come from a place of love and understanding.  Don’t be afraid to hurt their feelings.  They might have some age on them, but they survived two World Wars, the Depression, and raising you, so we know they don’t spook easily.   Do it now while you still can!

That’s your thought for the day.  We’re going strong after 100 blogs, so I’d love to hear your questions or topics of interest, related to personal property and estates.  Leave a comment below, and your question may be answered in a future blog.

Thanks to all of you who faithfully read and share this blog!!

© 2011, The Estate Lady

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