Live So You Make a Difference in Others’ Lives

Cleaning out estates never gets dull — I just never know what I will uncover next or what heartwarming lesson I will learn.  Sometimes I am covered head to toe in grime and sweat, and other days it’s a tiptoe through a pristine mansion.  But no matter what our residence may look like, at the heart of the home lies the very essence of who we are.  Our possessions reveal a great deal about us as individuals.

Today, we completed the clean-out of an elderly nurse who served her entire life.  She didn’t just serve in the hospital; she served her community by becoming “Miss Sue” in the neighborhood.  She had been in the same home 60+ years.  No matter what the community needed, she was there.  Someone needed first aid in a hurry; people took them to Miss Sue.  A young girl found herself in trouble; you go to Miss Sue.  As six decades passed, Miss Sue saw her neighborhood change.  There were juvenile delinquents, drugs in the area, other crime, etc., but everyone still went to Miss Sue for whatever they needed, and she was always happy to help.

As the last little bit of furniture was removed from Miss Sue’s home today, we were approached by numerous neighbors from all walks of life.  They surely loved Miss Sue and missed her terribly.  As I drove away, sweaty and tired from the hard day’s work, I thought to myself what a wonderful life Miss Sue lived.  She served so many during her lifetime and really made a difference!

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