The Recipe For a Long, Happy Life

I met the elderly Chinese lady at one of my estate sales.  Instantly drawn to her vibrant complexion and a smile that seemed to guard a thousand secrets, the only hint she was “on age” was her white hair.  I commented on her flawless skin and a small-framed, young girl emerged out of nowhere.  “I am her great-grand daughter.  She doesn’t speak any English.”

My curiosity got the best of me, and I asked the young girl to ask her great-grandmother the secret to such beautiful skin.  The young girl turned and chatted with the woman, who promptly burst out in laughter.  Through the three-way translation, I learned that the elderly woman was 101 years old and didn’t look a day over 60!  Her secret was so simple; she said anyone can do it.

Rule #1:  Never deprive your body of any food it wants to eat.  If it wants cake, eat it.  “Don’t deprive, but be reasonable.  By depriving your body, it will get angry with you.  If it gets angry, it will not work well for you.  If you make it happy, it will treat you well.”

Rule #2:  Go out each day barefoot in the grass and walk around.  She said to feel the earth’s energy under your feet and draw it in.  Breathe deeply while doing it and you will feel invigorated.

I’ve always lived by Rule #1.  While it has gotten me a bit chubby, I am happy and thankfully, very healthy.  From an Italian household, I was never very good at saying no to carbs.

As for Rule #2, I highly recommend it, particularly in the morning dew.  It does feel good to walk around in the grass for a few minutes.  A type of meditation where your attention is completely focused on the sensations in your feet, it is relaxing to your mind as well.  Since our feet carry us through life, and they are crammed in shoes all day, it’s quite a treat for your feet!

I’ve always had some sort of magnetic attraction to the elderly as they are rich with experience.  Give these rules a try for a week and see if they don’t make a difference in how you feel.  I’m always happy to share what I learn along the way … now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a piece of chocolate cake in the fridge calling my name!

© 2012 Julie Hall

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