Downsizing Guidance – In Person (phone consults can be arranged too)

Fee:  $125.00 per hour (average time with client is 2 hours in the home)

The thought of downsizing from a larger family home with decades of accumulation, to a much smaller residence is overwhelming for anyone.

Where does one begin, how will it all get done, and how much time is it going to consume?

 Imagine getting the answers you need in a short period of time from national expert, Julie Hall.

Making the best possible decisions and knowing how to prepare, plan and find the appropriate resources seems an impossible task. An in-home visit from Julie will provide 90% of the answers you need within just a couple of hours.  Clients are amazed, relieved, and grateful they had Julie’s know-how and expertise to empowered them to make sound decisions and contact resources she has vetted and recommends.

Approachable, honest, direct and helpful, Julie clearly sees the scope of work that needs to be accomplished and provides the step-by-step plan to make it manageable and efficient.  She will write out the steps to that plan, along with appropriate resources and hand it to you prior to her leaving the estate.

This in-home visit is the perfect time to pick her brain and ask the questions you always wanted to know about your possessions, such as:

  • Should I keep this?
  • Does this have any value? What about my inherited antiques and collectibles?
  • What do you do with something like this?
  • What’s the best way to maximize sales?
  • Who is the best resource to sell these items?
  • How do I get this stuff out of here without going crazy?
  • How do I know how much I can keep based on the space I am moving into?