“The Game Plan”  – In-Person Consultation & Valuations Combined

In-Person Walk-through Valuation & Consultation (per hour)   – $125.00/hour

This walk-through Valuation AND Consultation Combo is the most beneficial and economical service loved by Julie’s clients.  Expedient and packed with insight, advice and information. For Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas only. Online assistance is always available for those outside Julie’s geographical area.

Everyone should know fair market values prior to selling antiques, collectibles, other personal property, dividing among family, giving items away, etc.  How can you divide equitably or make sound decisions for selling estate personal property if you don’t know the values in today’s changing market?

Take advantage of Julie’s 25+ years of expertise in handling the personal property valuations and liquidation of 1000’s of estate situations.

This unique combination of services provides you with the bulk of the answers you need in a short period of time.  Not only will she provide value ranges on your residential and estate personal property items, she will also give you guidance on how to maximize the sales price of the items you have, the best way to sell it and even suggest where to donate or discard items of little or no worth.

Items best suited for In-Person Valuation include:

  • Residential Estate Contents such as Antiques, Vintage items, Collections/Collectables, Furniture, china, crystal, silver, decorative items, previously inherited items, etc.

(*If the items falls outside of Julie’s expertise, she will recommend an expert to contact).

VALUATION VS. FORMAL APPRAISAL: A valuation is a verbal opinion of fair market value.  It is not written, but will offer you an estimate of today’s value for these items.  Many clients prefer to create their own inventory by the room and when Julie comes to visit, provide her with a copy and she can insert the values for you.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: A valuation that is offered is not a guarantee of what you can sell the item for.  It is a tool to guide you in making the best decisions on whether to keep sell or divide, donate or discard the personal property.  Valuations are not formal appraisals, but assessments based on many different factors such as the condition of the item, the current market which can fluctuate, desirability, rarity, etc.

Items Julie does not appraise:  Guns, stamps, coins, high end fine art or high end jewelry. Items such as these require a lifetime of study to understand. A professional recommendation will always be offered for them.

Need a short, simplified written valuation?  Click here For “Simplified Written Valuations.”

VALUE ADDED: As a part of the In-Person Valuation process, if an item is identified to be more appropriate for an appraisal or requires another expert, Julie will bring this to your immediate attention and then guide you in the right direction.