Sample Letter from Executor to Heirs

(for division of personal property)


There is nothing glamorous about being an Executor.  More often than not, executors can become a target for unhappy heirs.  Not only does an executor have a fiduciary responsibility to the estate, but part of their work is to communicate as effectively as possible.  Many executors do not know how to approach the scope of work ahead, what will take place, or how to tell everyone what they are doing.

This sample letter is completely customizable and can be edited any way you choose.  It does include a friendly message of the estate work ahead, validates this is a difficult time for everyone, proceeding with having items valued first, asking immediate siblings to fill out the Wish List, that desired items will be appraised and totaled in order to promote equal distribution.  While not everyone will agree with this method because some heirs will want more than others, it is considered a fair way to proceed.  This sample letter ends with kind words of encouragement. This letter compliments the Wish List Temple.

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