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(Photos via Email & Dropbox)

(5 items) – $40.00/all
(up to 10 items) – $80.00/all
(up to 20 items) – $165.00/all
(up to 40 items) – $325.00/all

The more items you have the pricing increases due to larger scope of work in time, research, documenting, etc.

This is a no-nonsense, fast turnaround way of gaining fair market values on personal property that doesn’t require a formal written appraisal. If you

-needing to value collectibles, collections, heirlooms, vintage items

-settling an estate,

-needing values for distribution purposes,


-for your own knowledge,  or

-you are planning to sell these items and want to make sure there isn’t a high dollar item that gets sold for nothing, then ask The Estate Lady® to take advantage of her 25 years+ of expertise in handling the personal property valuations and liquidation of 1000’s of clients and their estates.

Julie always says, “Don’t do a thing until you understand the values of what you have.  If it has little value, you can rest easier just knowing.  If it has a higher value, there are ways to maximize the selling of such pieces.  Get the knowledge first so you can make sound decisions before you donate, give away or sell.”

How It Works:

  • Send photos of your items according to our Online Valuation Guidelines. (See restrictions below).
  • Along with the photos, please send Julie the purpose for these valuations so she can include that information in her response to you.
  • Submit payment according to the number of items to be evaluated.
  • An auto-reply upon payment will provide instructions on how to send or upload your photographs.
  • Receive valuations within 72 hours of business time (M-F) in a straightforward listing of the items along with fair market value on my letterhead.  It’s that easy!

Guideline for Online Valuation

  •  No real estate property. Personal property only!  No firearms, coins, stamps, higher end original paintings or significant jewelry items. These, and other items require hands-on examination from a local appraiser.  There are some things that cannot be valued from photos.  If this is the case, you will be notified and a partial refund will take place or you may substitute another item.
  • Photos must reflect the current condition of the items you wish to be valued. Valuations cannot be performed using old photos or outdated information.
  • Items which can be provided an online valuation include residential household furnishings, decorative items, figurines, china, crystal, most silver items, costume jewelry, memorabilia, and collectibles.
  • If an item is too significant to be valued using this method, you will be notified and a partial refund for that item will be given or you may substitute it for another item.
  • Provide clear, close-up, recent photos of the front, back, sides, bottom and top of the item when necessary, especially noting signatures, manufacturer’s stamps or marks.
  • Provide a measurement, height x width x depth
  • Provide photos noting any damage, re-gluing, pieces missing, etc.  Condition is an exceptionally important characteristic of value.
  • Provide names to each photo accordingly (i.e. front, back,).
  • If there is any detailed aspect or imprinted information on the item, zoom in and show this in a clear photograph.

What You Will Receive:  A listing of these personal property items with a fair market value assigned along with an interpretation based on the reason for the valuation.(Distribution purposes, family disagreement of value, wanting to sell or donate, etc).

VALUE ADDED: If you submit an item via the Online Valuation process, and it is suspected that this item is exceptionally special and requires additional examination, you will be notified and guided through the process on how to find that person and/or selling resource in your region.  No value will be given for this item should this occur.

IMPORTANT: Valuations are not formal appraisals and cannot be used in the place of formal appraisals.  They are not legally binding and are not appropriate for certain situations such as to prove the value of an item for taxing purposes. Valuations are an opinion of value and should be used only as a guide to assist you in dividing personal property equitably and making similar decisions regarding these items.  Online Valuations are limited by the information provided by you. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Estate Lady has the information necessary to adequately value your items. A failure to provide complete, current or adequate information could result in an inaccurate valuation. If you have any questions regarding whether or not an online valuation is appropriate for your particular situation, please contact the Estate Lady before submitting your photos of your items for valuation. Please also note that values can fluctuate up or down dependent on a variety of factors including, but not limited to,  the market, your region, the economy, desirability, condition, original or reproduction, etc.  Most people believe “age” is the most important factor, but this is not necessarily so.  Many older items and antiques have fallen in value in recent years due to the oversupply on the market and lack of demand from the younger generations. Just because it is old, doesn’t mean it is valuable.

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