“Julie is the real deal.  What makes her the ‘total package’ is the care, respect and concern she brings to her clients.  I started out an emotional wreck, but after one consultation, Julie gave me all the answers I needed.  Thank you for giving me back my life.” – Jane Gorsky

“Your knowledge is so impressive and valuable! You are a very valuable resource and fulfill an incredibly needed service! I can’t tell you how much “at peace” Mom felt after meeting with you and getting your input on her things. Now, she is actually OK with letting go of it.” – Marty C., Charlotte, NC

“I was impressed with the understanding Julie offered related to the emotional aspects families face after losing a loved one.  Her knowledge of settling our parents’ estate, her trustworthy direction, and the plan she implemented gave us great comfort and lifted a huge burden.  She is truly an expert in the handling of estates.”  – Al Forbes

“We could not have taken on the job of clearing out a friend’s three story house of treasures without Julie’s help.  She steered us in the right direction, packed up and then donated the rest.  She was a delight to work with–charming and very professional!” –  Jackie and Dick Hills, Highlands, NC

“I have the deepest gratitude for all your knowledge, help, and guidance at a difficult time. You are a pleasure to work with, and a real angel who appeared at just the right time.” – Noell G.

“I have read your book twice! I can’t tell you how wonderful the info has been, especially being 3000 miles away from my parents. Your book should be required reading in schools!” – David S.

“I cannot thank you enough for all you did for us, both emotionally and physically. I don’t see how we would have ever done all you did. You made it look so easy when we all know that it was not. I am totally pleased with everything.” – Celia C.

“I recently lost my mother and was appointed to settle her estate. After one day of going through her home I became aware that it was too hard and heartbreaking for me. Julie Hall was so empathetic and warm and understood my feelings better than some people I have known all my life. She helped me with this difficult transition with sensitivity and incredible efficiency. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is facing this monumental task. Thank you for helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life.” – Belinda W

“Julie demonstrates high standards of integrity both personally and professionally. Customer comments are consistently positive! It is obvious she exhibits a strong commitment to her clients and is impeccable on follow-through and precision.” – Linda M.

“We were in a dilemma – a house at the beach and a home in Charlotte. We decided to move and sell everything in the Charlotte home. Julie came to the rescue. She solved our dilemma in the most professional manner, made sound decisions and had a very successful sale for us. We highly recommend Julie as an honest, efficient professional in the Estate business.” Ted C.

“It gives me great pleasure to remember how Julie handled my mother’s estate. It is hard to describe her, but I will try. She was professional, thoughtful, patient, calm, gracious, generous, knowledgeable and honest. Thank you, Julie, for being all that.” Mary Ruth D.

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Julie Hall, The Estate Lady. I am a Realtor in Charlotte and was faced with the task of cleaning out a house that was full of many years of personal property. From the moment I met with Julie, I was impressed. She and her staff cleared the above mentioned property of all its contents within 3.5 short days. I am still amazed at the before and after images. It is like someone came through the house and waved a magic wand. I would recommend Julie Hall in a second to anyone who is facing this same issue. She is professional, kind, compassionate, efficient and above all HONEST. Julie, you are truly amazing!” – Andrea A., realtor

“You cleared out my parent’s home in 3 days, remained in communication with me, and I felt we were in good hands. I now know why you came so highly recommended. Thank you from a long-distance son.” Dave C.

“Julie Hall stepped into our lives at a time of tremendous grief. We didn’t know what to do with our sister’s personal property or what it was worth. Julie took charge and our burden was instantly lifted by the speed she cleared the home and the feeling of confidence she gave us. Everything was easy with Julie. She literally handled every last detail for us and gave us peace of mind through this time of crisis.” Nancy W.


“Julie Hall has a unique and significant gift for organization when it comes to helping one move and conduct an estate sale. My husband and I handed Julie 2 estates in one and she was unbelievable. She handled everything beautifully! I am a pastor and I truly believe God has blessed Julie with marvelous abilities to reach out and get the job done while being honest, dependable and wonderful through the whole process. I respect her immensely and would highly recommend her to anyone.” – The Reverend Monta Maki-Curry, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Charlotte

“I can’t think of anyone that works harder. She is dedicated to her work and has the ability to juggle different aspects of her job at one time. She is a tremendous asset to anyone needing these services.” – Sandy B.

“We had such a difficult time flying back and forth to help our parents. Our frustration was not knowing what to do with everything in their home. We are amazed at how you conducted the sale and made it seem so simple. Thank you for all of your assistance.” – Paige W.

“If I had to do it all again, Julie would be the only one I’d want. She gave us reassurance and peace of mind and had the skills to back it up.” – Bob A.

“I want to thank you as a person, for the care with which you sent the photographs, neatly tied with string. It shows me the honest and true concern that you have for family members in the position I am being so far away. You have my appreciation and respect always. – Robert M.

“I cannot believe my good fortune in finding you and your other resources that helped me through this process. You’re a lovely lady and I love you for it.” – Tom P.