PERSONAL PROPERTY APPRAISALS – Certified appraiser. All formal, written appraisals exceed IRS and USPAP standards (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). Appraisals are needed for many purposes including but not limited to, estate taxes,  equitable distribution among heirs, divorce, general knowledge, etc.

SIMPLIFIED WRITTEN APPRAISALS – More expedient and economical appraisals for equitable distribution among heirs, guardianship inventories, etc.

VERBAL OPINION OF VALUE – Some clients don’t need the expense of a written report but still want to understand the values of their personal property.  Julie offers walk-through valuations for those needing expedient answers.

“If you do not know the value of what you have, someone else will.  Get the answers before you do anything.”   – Julie Hall

CONSULTATION/ADVISORY SERVICES –  “The Game Plan.”  Providing expert estate advice on personal property dissolution and distribution. Often families, especially the children of older adults, do not know where to begin in the process of disassembling and dissolving the estate of a loved one. Other times, clients may be in the process of downsizing an entire lifetime of accumulation and need assistance with the process. Many just want someone they can trust to guide them through what is needed in terms of value, options for selling and finding the best possible resources.  Hasty decisions can lead to devastating mistakes that an estate professional could have avoided. Each scenario is different and Julie Hall offers customized professional advice on the best and the easiest way to proceed.

ESTATE CLEAN OUTS – For heirless estates, out-of-state family members, busy families, emptying the home so the home can be sold, etc.  We have an impeccable reputation for being the best and the fastest when professionally disassembling a home.  Please note in cases of hoarding or extreme circumstances, hourly fee will increase upon visual evaluation.

BROKERING – Julie professionally brokers jewelry, gold, silver, some coins, fine objects of art, collections and individual items of value.  Finding the most relevant market and the best possible selling resource, proceeds can be maximized. 

ESTATE SALES/LIQUIDATION OPTIONS – Julie can advise the family what should be kept, sold, donated and  disposed of. Estate Sales can involve the entire estate or partial, and may also include total residential content removal if the home is to be sold. Her resources for estate liquidation are the best in the business. Sometimes an Estate Sale is not the best fit and Julie will advise on best possible estate resources based on each individual situation.