Radio Shows

Listen to some of Julie’s talk shows on dealing with heirlooms, antiques and collectibles and other personal property tips for talking with our parents and handling the estate management process, etc. You will be left with the impression that she is indeed an expert, candid and approachable with everyone she meets.  She is the same with her clients.  Take a few moments and enjoy some of the expert estate advice Julie offers.

Tom Matt’s ‘Boomers Rock’ Talk Show

Julie was a guest on Tom Matt’s ‘Boomers Rock’ radio talk show. Listen as they discuss the many different directions that boomers can take, especially when it comes to helping mom and dad with their possessions and downsizing themselves.

Caught Between Generations – Voice America

Do you have clutter or does it have you? Does facing the prospect of wrestling your stuff out the door make you suddenly feel ready for a nap? Don’t allow clutter to take over your life. The Estate Lady® discusses generational differences, dealing personal possessions left behind, preparing ahead of time, etc.

How To Deal With All Of The Stuff We Own – More Than

Julie uses humor to offer tips and sound advice when handling an estate, why there are many layers to the process, sentimental value, letting it go, maximizing what you have, how to sell estate items, etc.

Worried Boomers Dealing With Mom and Dad’s Possessions, Tips & Advice – Willie Lambright Show – KILF-AM

Open discussion about what happens when older parents fail to plan, steps and adviceto guide Boomers in helping their parents. Think ahead and prepare for dealing with their estate.

You Can’t Take It With You: Managing Possessions – The  Mike Collins Show – WFAE 90.7

We all love our stuff but sometimes material possessions can get out of hand. We look at why objects are so important in our lives and offer tips on managing life’s clutter.  There is also the challenge of disposing of a loved one’s possessions after they die. How do we reconcile our love for that person with the need to dispose of many of their belongings? A direct discussion about what children will face with the infirmity or death of a parent, and have that conversation with them.

“What am I Going to Do with All My Stuff?”  – The Mike Dresser Show

Boomer children face many challenges when dealing with a lifetime accumulation of their parent’s possessions.  Julie discusses having an estate plan in place prior to a crisis, have that courage conversation with your parents, understand generation differences, be sure to have estate documents in order.

The Dr Laura Program  – Dr. Laura discusses Julie’s book, The Boomer Burden

Dr. Laura highlights sections in Julie’s book she feels are very important for everyone to know.

How to Deal with your Aging Parents’ Lifetime Accumulation of Stuff – Dale Carter

Tips and “How-To’s” for the children on discussing parent’s wishes, legal documents, distribution of personal property,  de-cluttering sooner rather than later, finding reputable estate professionals ahead of time, keeping everyone on the same page, etc.