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Estate Clean Out Services                                                 


Many family members lose precious time from their lives, marriage/children, work and even their own vacation time with back and forth travel trying to  handle the estate of a loved one.  We have seen families struggling to do it on their own, only to make unintentional and often serious mistakes because they thought they knew how to proceed.  We find items of significant value in the trash and often wonder what else was discarded that had value.  These errors are completely preventable with professional guidance.

Reasons a Residential Clean Out may be needed:

  • You are a long-distance executor and need help
  • Responsible for handing an estate local to Charlotte, NC (my region)
  • Have a home or estate that needs to be sold quickly and the contents need to be sold and removed
  • Have an overwhelmingly “full” estate to deal with and don’t know where to begin in the process
  • Heirless estate requires professional disassembly of the home

Emptying a home in preparation for a realtor or buyer can seem like a daunting task, especially when there is 30 to 70 years accumulation of personal property in it.  What will take a family months or even years to accomplish, The Estate Lady® can do inside of a week, in most cases.  The Estate Lady® has perfected “The Method” and she literally wrote the book on it!

The Estate Clean Out Book

Contact Julie to discuss a potential Clean Out or if you just need a consultation appointment.

(Please note in cases of hoarding or extreme circumstances, hourly fee will increase upon visual evaluation).