Brokering & Advisory Service for Estate Jewelry, Gold and Silver

Fee:  $125.00 per hour (In-Person)

Assume Nothing and Inspect Everything!

“A family hand-picked a ring with a purple stone in it that they believed to
be an inexpensive stone, but Julie suspected it was a rare and valuable piece.
The ring was sent off to the right expert for identification and it was the stone Julie believed it to be.  It sold for 10’s of thousands of dollars.”

You might think all Mom’s jewelry is just costume. But are you certain?

Why take the risk of hundreds or thousands of dollars being lost because you didn’t confirm what was faux and what was real. Julie Hall’s expertise in deciphering the genuine from what’s costume jewelry has her clients making the right decisions for the pieces a loved one has left behind.

Best of all, you can have all the answers and peace of mind within a couple of hours with Julie in the privacy of your home or the estate.

It is not unusual for a client to say, “All of mom’s jewelry in this box is fake,”  and then Julie hand picks genuine pieces worth a significant amount.

Advisory Services: Julie will sit down with you, and then go right to work reviewing each piece, separating the fine quality from the costume pieces. In addition to advising on fair market values, she will identify the best place to sell the items with value, as well as which pieces are worth holding onto as a possible heirloom.

NOTE: If Julie finds an item of significant value, she will make professional recommendations on your next steps to take.

Julie has been working closely with families, legal professionals, financial professionals, Realtors, and executors over two decades to help them make educated, informed decisions. In addition to advising on value of items, Julie can help with:

  • Pre-planning as well as Estate Settlement process
  • Assistance with Distribution among heirs
  • Weighing precious metals for Fair Market Value determination

Professional Brokering:  If the items are to be sold, Julie has established an extensive nationwide network of buyers in collectibles, antiques, estate and fine jewelry, gold, silver, as well as private collections, ensuring higher selling prices for her clients. Julie’s commission is very reasonable and depends on the scope of work to sell the items.  She will discuss this personally with you.