Value Expertise: In Person VALUATIONS

The Estate Lady’s In-Person Walk-Through Valuations – $125.00/hour

Sometimes a client, executor or family member just want an idea of fair market value for the possessions they have such as antiques, collectibles, collections, etc.  There is no need to go to the time or expense of a formally written appraisal if all you need are some verbal valuations and guidance you can trust in order to make good decisions moving forward.

Julie offers an In-Person Valuation where she will visit the client’s home and both she and the client will walk through and decipher what has value, what doesn’t have value and the best advice in selling some of these items if that is what the client needs.

Julie moves at a rapid pace and covers a good amount of ground in a short period of time.  Easy and expedient.  Get the answers you need sooner rather than later. In-Personal Walk-Through Estate Valuations are for Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas only. Online assistance is always available for those outside Julie’s geographical area.

A valuation is a verbal opinion of value.  It is not written or formal, but will offer you an estimate of today’s value for these items.  Many clients prefer to create their own inventory by the room and when Julie comes to visit, provide her with a copy and she can insert the values, or the client may take notes.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Valuations offered are not a guarantee of what the items will sell for.  It is a tool to guide clients in making the best decisions on whether to keep, sell, divide or donate the personal property. Verbal valuations are not formal appraisals, but assessments based on many different factors such as the condition of the item, rarity, desirability, the current market, etc.