Written Appraisals – Simplified and Formal

Not all appraisals are the same.  Some appraisal reports require more information due to the reason the appraisal is needed such as estate tax purposes, equal distribution among heirs, insurance, etc.

Formal Written Appraisal Reports  – $150.00/hour

When a formally written appraisal report is required by the IRS for taxable estates.  These formally written reports must be written in a particular format the IRS specifies called USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). They are lengthy and time consuming, include documentation of personal property, measurements and photographs of the items. Then, the research and methodology and writing begin.  These are usually requested by attorneys or executors currently working with higher net worth estates. Julie conducts formal written appraisals in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas only. Online assistance is always available for those outside Julie’s geographical area.

Simplified Written Appraisal Reports – $125.00/hour

For clients that do not need to incur the expense or tedious detail of the previous formal report, Julie offers a simplified, basic written report that helps heirs understand the value of possessions prior to dividing an estate among heirs.    In this simplified appraisal, Julie gets to the heart of the matter and will provide this valuation listing for you on her letterhead.  It is not a formal document, but it will offer clients an economical way of attaining values and information for their possessions or estate items.

90-Day Inventory Valuations for Estates – $125.00/hour

For Estates in the beginning the probate process, a 90-Day inventory with values is often needed. Julie can easily walk through an estate and offer a “Total Fair Market Value” on her company letterhead.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Valuations offered are not a guarantee of what the items will sell for.  It is a tool to guide clients in making the best decisions on whether to keep, sell, divide, donate or discard the personal property.