We are Stronger Than We Think

We just completed 3 estate clean-outs in a total of 36 hours.  For someone who is not familiar with the estate industry, this is pretty close to achieving the impossible, not to mention physically back-breaking and mentally grueling.  There were many moments during those 36 hours that negative thoughts crept into my mind when I was so tired, so frustrated, so in pain, still emotional from my recent loss of my mom and tending to dad, that I thought about quitting.  The Estate Lady® doesn’t quit anything; so for me to admit that is a huge deal.  My favorite mantra is “Failure is not an option,” which I borrowed from an old movie.

Coming home from each hard day’s work, I could feel the physical stiffness and arthritic pain take over.  Then the tears would come.  Then I just wanted to be left alone.  My thoughts swung from feeling great accomplishment to feeling so tired that I couldn’t think straight.

It was at those exhausted and weak moments I thought, “This is it — I can’t do this anymore.”  But I knew deep down that my love and passion for estate work and helping my clients go through the strain of the process was stronger than that.  How would I ever find the strength to keep going?

Just when I thought I couldn’t get up and go anymore, something good would happen and my strength, spirit, and faith were renewed.

I’ve talked with others recently who feel rather low these days.  I’d like to pass along a voice mail message a woman left me, who knew I was going through a lot lately.

“You are the type of person where blessings in life will always find you.  You are also the type of person who will find blessings in life for you and your family.”

I loved hearing this.  It meant someone out there thought enough of me as a person to know I do look for the simple, yet powerful blessings that come our way each day.  You have to open your eyes and heart to them, and then they appear.

So just when you think you can’t, you will find the strength and see that you can.  Remember, failure is not an option!

© 2012 Julie Hall

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