What I Learned From An Old Cat

It seems we are all in relentless pursuit of happiness.  Maybe we have trouble finding it because we are so busy in the actual pursuit of it.  If you’ve ever watched a kitten chase its tail or a hamster on a wheel, that’s pretty much how I view society in general.  We are always racing to get somewhere, but if we are smart, we will learn to step off the track and breathe for a while before getting back on.  We need respite and renewal first.  Our old cat, Tommy, was the teacher for this one.

This past weekend, my family gathered around to watch a movie together.  Halfway through the movie, I looked over at my elderly father who was fast asleep, and most surprisingly, the cat crashed next to him.  Then the cat got up, stretched, and moved over to my daughter.

A true lap cat, Tommy is getting old, arthritic in his hips, getting thinner, and certainly not the fierce mouse hunter he once was.  He used to stalk his territory and control the mole population.  He used to leap in the air at falling leaves in autumn, and attack your leg as you were walking by.  Incredibly vocal, he will tell you exactly what he needs when he needs it.  But now, you could see youth was leaving him, yet he looked more contented than ever.

Here’s what went through my mind as I witnessed his contentment:

  1. Life is too short not to take cat naps.
  2. Happiness is found in simple things, like getting your back scratched.
  3. No worries if the work doesn’t get done this second.  It will get done eventually.
  4. Kick back and dream about catching a big mouse.
  5. He’s earned his rest.
  6. He loves and trusts unconditionally.

I know our furry friends do not have the worries that we humans have, but if we go through life aware of what’s around us, we can learn a lot from nature’s intelligence!

© 2012 Julie Hall

2 thoughts on “What I Learned From An Old Cat

  1. Hi Julie
    I enjoy reading your posts and what you have learned from an old cat is certainly good advice for us all! Thank you for all the info you have shared in you your book as well. I have a copy and it has been a great resource for my work as a senior move manager.

    1. Thank you, Fran. I work closely with SMMs and teach them how to add estate liquidation to their menu of services. If interested, send me an email. Best wishes to you.


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