A Heartfelt Thank You

They say time heals all wounds.  In the last few weeks of losing dad and mourning the loss of both my parents in the last year, I have asked myself how I will get back up and move forward.  For me, it is about staying active and busy.  A frequent thought visits me; what can I do to help others, and how can I serve them best?  I just assume, since we all grieve in different ways, I will eventually be okay with the passage of time, bending God’s ear a lot, and relying on the support of family and close friends.

What caught me by surprise, however, were all the wonderful comments and emails I received from you.  I had no idea so many people who I don’t know personally genuinely cared, or that my blogs or writings had somehow touched you or your family.  I had no idea that sharing my thoughts made a positive impact.

I am deeply honored that you reached out to comfort me.  Little did I know that a good dose of healing took place over the holidays because of your kind comments and heartfelt words.

You have re-instilled my faith in humankind — people are by nature “good” even though all we ever hear about in our media is the bad.  Your comments and sincere emails were deeply touching at a time when I needed them most.  I am reminded of a line from a classic movie, “The Sound of Music.”  Fräulein Maria says, “Reverend Mother always says when the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.”

Maria with Mother Abbess

Thank you for opening a window for me.  Happy New Year!

© 2012 Julie Hall

7 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Thank You

  1. Dear Julie,
    Reverend Mother was right. Though we may not be able to see it at the time.

    I was emotionally paralyzed by grief and years of stuffed feelings and memories, when my last family member died in 2007…no more left. What was the point of my own life, I asked over and over. Yet God continued to support and protect me along the way. He was visible in many wonderful friends, and in the sun coming up each new day.

    Coming through the darkness has taken time, but each year has brought more blessings than I can count or comprehend. Faith and patience gets us through “the hard stuff” when nothing else can, when we cannot wrap our heads around any more.

    May 2013 bring you growth, healing, a deeper understanding of God’s path, and much, much love.

    Wishing you a Blessed New Year,
    Melissa C Williams
    Boise, Idaho

    PS – I love that movie, too.

  2. Julie,

    Another thing I’ve always been told is that the pain that we go through in our lives can only be productive if we use it to help others. In my book, you’ve more than done that already. May the help & hope you’ve given to others come back to you multiplied. I only hope that 2013 brings you the healing you need — and the love you deserve. You’re a very special person & a credit to your parents.

    Blessings in 2013…

  3. Julie – you have done so much for others, through your books, blog postings, estate liquidation, etc. that I believe it does get returned…..your followers have felt your grief right along with you and those of us who have gone through the same or similar things know what it is like so we wish we could ease your pain. Time does heal, and sometimes it takes a while, but the memories always remain and gratitude is what keeps us going. Thank you for sharing your very private thoughts and feelings with us and God Bless you in the New Year.

  4. Your writing is so beautiful and really speaks to me as I go through the grief of my mom going to a nursing home two weeks. She is my best friend and my life feels so empty not having her in our family home and so accessible by phone everyday, as I live 200 miles away. I’ve been going back and forth and will continue to do that, but I have a heavy heart and feel so guilty as I go through my “normal” day, knowing she is not able to enjoy all the little things that made her life normal. It is a hard time, but I find some comfort in knowing there are so many who understand this pain. I’m waiting for your book to arrive, as cleaning out our family home is looming. Thank you, and God bless. Someday he will wipe away every tear.

  5. Julie,

    I read your books and agree with most of what you say, but you did not cover when the executor as one of the heirs decides that he and his family are entitled to lion share of the personal property even flying his family to the home of the deceased (on the estate money) so they could choose what they wanted from the estate.

    The will was very clear “brother name and my name,in equal shares to be theirs absolutely. It said nothing about in-laws, grandchildren or g grandchildren, but yet he let his wife and three children choose things before me.

    I could go on and on but will stop.


    1. It is regrettable that such things actually do happen and I am sorry it happened to you. I am currently writing a guide specifically for executors, and you have reminded me that this is a painful point I must emphasize. I have seen too many estate situations and worked closely with many, many clients over the years and it is still painful to hear. An executor has fiduciary responsibility to execute the will as it is written and honor the wishes of the loved one to the best of their ability. I believe immediate adult children should come first. I am so sorry that you have been a part of this and hope you can find peace.

      Having just lost my last parent, I am grateful my sibling and I got along so well and split everything down the middle, as it should be and as they stated in their trust. Neither his wife, nor my husband, nor our combined children had anything to do with it…just us, which worked out well.

      ~ Julie

  6. Hello Julie Hall, Somehow I didn’t think that it was possible to contact you. I also lost my mother this past year. So your word on healing wounds touches me. I hope that you are finding comfort.

    And you do help others. I appreciate your tips and look forward to your wisdom. Thanks, Vernessa Foelix

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