Don’t Mess with My Mojo

Twinkies are soon to be a thing of the past.  How could they do that to us carb-aholics who suffer from a permanent sweet tooth and require the perfect comfort food?  I can hear mom say, “All good things must come to an end,” but seriously, Twinkies?  There goes a special taste from my childhood, along with a few cholesterol points.  Sometimes I wish everyone would leave well enough alone.  It’s true that we become creatures of habit and enjoy things our way.  Then one day we wake up, and someone has messed with our mojo – again.

The same is true for the different chapters in our lives.  One day, if we’re lucky, we find the love of our life, then a baby or two arrive, along with mounting responsibilities.  Our children grow in the blink of an eye; we start to age.  Suddenly, our parents get old, sick, and pass away.  So much of this we learn as we move through it.  There is great joy, there is great sorrow, and there is everything in between.  Just when we understand how to handle it, life throws us a new experience and it all changes again.

I think much of life is about our ability to adapt and accrue wisdom, painful as it may be.

So too, when I am handling an estate where a loved one has recently become ill or died, it is important to remember that each of us bears the scars of loneliness, frustration, pain, depression/anxiety, grief, worry, etc.  This is why I go the distance to always treat my clients as if they are family, because I understand their pain.  Their mojo will never be the same, and if I can shed a little bit of light and direction at that given moment and alleviate some of their heaviness, I have lived a good day.

The bottom line is I can live without the Twinkies, but I can’t live without my nearest and dearest very well.  I need to get over the fact that people and circumstances will mess with my mojo, with or without my permission.

I just looked outside my window at the backyard to see the many squirrels eating the bird seed that has fallen to the ground.  Out of the blue, a large bird of prey swooped low and plucked an unsuspecting squirrel who suddenly found himself air-bound.  Man, did someone mess with his mojo.  All things considered, I’m doing okay … comparatively speaking.

© 2013 Julie Hall

3 thoughts on “Don’t Mess with My Mojo

  1. And you do a great job, Julie, at lightening our burdens as clients. I’m so thankful for you during the cleaning out of Mom’s house and will never forget you. Mom is in the last days of her life right now and knowing that you’ve just been through that with your dad has somehow given me a moment of strength today. A grateful client.
    Judy Hindelang

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