Helpful Websites to Sell Stuff

Coming home mid-day to grab a snack between appointments, I turned on the TV and Marie Osmond was doing a show on dealing with stuff and getting rid of things we didn’t necessarily think had value. Most of the time, I have to admit I quickly change the channel, because everyone and their brother is jumping on this bandwagon. However on this show, some helpful websites were offered that I wanted to share with you, if you didn’t see the show. I cannot vouch for any of them personally, but they might be worth looking into.

As with any selling endeavor, exercise caution and ask questions so you feel comfortable. I would check out reviews on these sites too. – Recent textbooks, literature, science, medicine, mystery, etc. – Electronics; iPad, iPhone, iPods, Zune – DVD’s, CD’s, games – Buy, Trade, sell sports equipment – Sell used instruments and gear – Sell designer, brand name clothing – Buy discount gift cards or sell gift cards you’ve never used – Sell your cell phones – Buy and sell jewelry

www.IdonowIdon’ – Wedding sets, other jewelry

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