5 Promises to Yourself This New Year



Let go of anything that weighs you down.  Surplus material possessions and stuff that no longer has meaning, people and relationships that are toxic, that closet that is overflowing.  Give to those who really need it.  Just let go!  Start singing the song lyrics, “Let it go, Let it go.”  The time is right.  You will immediately feel lighter, and more open space will provide an uplift in your spirit.  Who doesn’t need that?


If it’s a good goal for you, there’s likely more than one way to accomplish it.  Try, try again in new and different ways.  Maybe the timing wasn’t right, but the plan was.  Ask close friends or colleagues what they would do.  Valued opinions and objective third parties may well be the sounding board you need and provide the brilliant idea you were seeking.


No more excuses!  Take that class, pursue that hobby, go to that place you’ve always wanted to see.  Just do it!  Spend some time on you. I just signed up for a comprehensive first aid course because I feel that would be good knowledge to have.  But I sure could use a trip to the Bahamas … (grin).


Open your eyes and look for the simple pleasures in your life.  Put forth a little effort to see the good in the world, because every day we are bombarded with the bad.  Sometimes you need to go for a walk and admire nature, the changing leaves, a lake, a puppy, your neighbor’s flower garden.  Take a walk, look at the sky, and take deep breaths.  A survey of centenarians (100 years old and over) shows they attribute their longevity to simple pleasures like walking barefoot, watering their garden, eating their favorite food, swimming, etc.


Yes, much is wrong with our world today, but there is still much good in it.  Add to that list of positives.  Go forth, do good things, be a better person, and make a difference for others.  Volunteer to help someone do what they can’t do alone.  Give, knowing they can’t give back to you.  The rewards are far greater than you know!  It comes back ten-fold and gives you a strong sense of purpose.


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8 thoughts on “5 Promises to Yourself This New Year

    1. Sure, as long as you include the copyright information at the bottom. Thanks for asking. Happy New Year.

      ~ Julie

  1. Was cautiously optimistic of this blog post by Apartment Therapy (a 20s & 30s audience) about utilizing vintage “brown wood” pieces.

    Apartment Therapy
    saving the world, one room at a time
    December 28, 2015
    “As we head towards New Years Eve, I urge you to rethink the old saying, “out with the old and in with the new” – at least when it comes to furniture.
    Having some good quality vintage pieces in the design mix makes any room more interesting, more unique and just brings some soul to the space. And, its even more of a win/win when that older piece adds some serious storage space or day-to-day functionality to a room, such as in these 10 beautiful, useful examples Nancy put together..” sorry link didn’t come through…..

    1. By all means, if possessions can be thoughtfully used, we should use them or give them to others who can repurpose them and put them to good use. I agree! Vintage pieces are almost always conversation pieces! Happy New Year

      ~ Julie

  2. I too am ditching and discarding things like a crazy person….I have decided that I absolutely must get the upper hand where our collections and “stuff” are concerned. It is tough but I realized that at age 51, I need to cease “amassing” activities, and embrace “letting go” activities. I tried to use your email link, it dead ended me here at another part of the site. I also tried the “www.lighthouseorganizers.com” link and it took me to an Asian website that seemed to speak about nutrition and health supplements.
    I wanted to contact you to let you know I was going to be mentioning you, your website, and your books in my column, which is a feature of the monthly funeral trade publication, “Mortuary Management” magazine. You may see a spike in visitors to your blog, etc. My name is Colleen Thompson and I have a blog “The View From Under The Prep-Room Table” (www.morguemouse.com).
    Your thoughts and insights about estate holdings is an invaluable one, especially in the current day and age; specifically the dilemmas people face and the emotional toll, too, as they attempt to manage and dispose of unwanted or unappreciated bequests, etc.
    Thank you.

    1. D, can we please reply to her? She’s nice — I know of her from way back when.

      Colleen, I think you may have used some old links. You are welcome to use my email, Julie@TheEstateLady.com. Thank you for sharing some of my info — always happy to share – and keep paring down! (I’ll do the same as we are close in age too).


      Julie Hall


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