Time of the Heavy Heart

How Can We Change That?

Lately, I am sensing a heaviness of spirit in almost everyone I speak with, from good friends to colleagues to clients.  We carry this heaviness due to the times we live in; 24-hour news and social media and seeing the worst of the worst around the globe.  I personally feel a heaviness in how we see people treating one another.  The dark appears to be overtaking the light every time we turn on the computer or TV.  While they say the economy is stronger, in my world I see a much softer market and weaker economy.

I also see my clients outliving their money; tough decisions need to be made by their Boomer children.  I have heard stories from colleagues that buyers and clients have turned threatening if they don’t get their own way.  These threats are from middle-aged people who know better and have lost their way in the graceful art of problem solving.

Geopolitical issues are a whole other topic which requires nerves of steel to discuss.  Wherever we look, there is stress.  But lately, I have come to look at all of this in a different way.

After noticing I have a tendency to worry, my father once asked me if I am personally capable of controlling issues like mentioned above.  No, I cannot make the economy strong again and I cannot make people treat each other with respect.  I can’t even provide the financial means for everyone who needs it.

However, I can control how I respond to these troubles.

I can find my own unique and personal ways of contributing more good and more light.

By contributing, I mean solving the problem, finding peaceful resolutions, finding compromise in a world of “gimmee,” being reasonable, and at the same time trying to help others who need it.

When on earth did everyone become so entitled?  Haven’t you noticed we are all starting to slump over, as if the weight of the world is on our backs?

We have a choice.  Not one of us has been eliminated from carrying some kind of burden: health, finances, children, work, etc.  I have a theory that this world is a classroom and we are the students; we should learn a lesson and then go teach others.  Problems and burdens will always come and so will the bills.

  • Keep lists of what needs to be done and cross them off one at a time.
  • Feel good about what was accomplished.
  • Help others accomplish what they need help with.
  • Do something fun and show your grin as often as possible.  Someone is always watching and may need that smile.
  • Learn to find “you” again.
  • Lastly, just be kind because the world already has too many thugs.

In a world so full of dark, don’t you think it would be wise to turn on our inner light?  That’s my take on it!

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8 thoughts on “Time of the Heavy Heart

  1. “However, I can control how I respond to these troubles.” Indeed! I don’t think I have commented before but I learned so much from your books and I read all your posts. Thank you for blogging.

  2. Everywhere I go, whether I know ppl or not (grocery store line or church), ppl have a simmering heaviness about the world and our country. I remind ppl that The King is still on his throne and He loves us. I believe we’re in for a bumpy ride, but we’re being held in God’s strong hands. Thx for reminder for me to do what I can to be the lght.

  3. I could have written your post. I agree with you 100%. I, too, have noticed a spirit of heaviness over myself and everyone I meet. And like you’ve I’ve concluded that while I can’t fix it, I can direct myself and others to the “light.” Thank you for the examples you provided on how to do this.

  4. Excellent advice.

    My sister and I recently had an estate sale for my sister that passed away. It was overwhelming. Not only did my deceased sister and her husband have a house full of wonderful “things” (furniture, art work, etc) my deceased sister was the keeper for many antiques that she and my mother had been keeping/collecting for 100+ years (two big rental units full of old antiques) that we retrieved from the rental units and brought to the house to be included in the estate sale. It was too much to include these items in the sale. We did allow a couple of antique dealers come in and buy a few things after the estate I kept thinking that my deceased mother and sister had been collecting these things and now we were practically giving it away. It was certainly an education to research these items and TRY to put a price on them. We did have some professional help but it still didn’t take away the guilty feeling I still have.

    To make a long story shorter, we could have another estate sale because there is still a house full of wonderful things left in the house. We still have the dilemma to get rid of the remaining items. My sister’s will stated that she was giving the power to her executor to rid the remaining items as deemed necessary but this still doesn’t help.

    Just wanted to vent.

    Thank you.

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